Premnath Kudva (premkudva) wrote in stamp_scans,
Premnath Kudva

The Millennium Collection - Our native intelligence

Canada Post had released "The Millennium Collection" a set of 68 stamps embedded in a specially made book. These stamps were not issued separately and also were not a part of that years programme. Subsequently citing "popular demand", they released these stamps as a series of 17 Millennium souvenir sheets, each depicting four different stamps, starting December 17, 1999 through to March 17, 2000.

Our native intelligence, February's series of five Millennium souvenir sheets continue the tribute to the wide range of Canadian people, events and institutions that have helped shape our nation. This third release - the second last in the series - presents such individuals as philosopher Northrop Frye and Plouffe Family author Roger Lemelin and celebrates the spirit and vision of Canadian philanthropy. Aboriginal contributions to peace, healing and sport are featured, as well as Canada's proud heritage in the theatre and popular literature.

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